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Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation


A large resource of information on hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnosis training tapes, videos, script books, trance music, professional hypnosis directory, articles on hypnosis and associated links.

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www.infinityinst.com - see Hypnotherapy Directory and IMDHA Approved Schools



Max Kirsten Clinical Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Clinic
- for stop smoking west london - using advanced hypnosis and latest NLP techniques for "Stop Smoking in One Hour" program, also for Weight Loss, IBS, Insomnia, Depression, Fears, Phobias, Self Confidence, and focused Exam and Sport Performance Enhancement.

Reach your goals easily with Beverly Hills Hypnosis' highly effective hypnosis tapes and CDs.

Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

http://www.focused solutions.com Kim Manning Hypnotherapist in MI

http://www.hypnotherapy-michigan.com Medical Hypnotherapist in MI

http://www.geocities.com/jimwduncan Jim Duncan Hypnotherapy