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If you have a deep desire to become a "nonsmoker"and free yourself forever of this habit, then Midwest Hypnosis & Guided Imagery is for you. If you are tired of "the patch", gum, prescription drugs, nicotine inhalers, and all the rest, we can help you to free yourself and become a nonsmoker now and forever! You will no longer have the psychological or physical cravings for nicotine, you will not experience a sense of deprivation or guilt at having to justify your habit to yourself or others. You will feel healthier, sleep soundly, have more energy and enjoy your life more, and your friends and family will notice the difference! Your body will once again be getting its full quota of oxygen and be more able to cleanse itself of the toxins and pollutants associated with smoking.

Be healthier,richer, and live a longer, happier and more prosperous life. Do something good for yourself and your loved ones. After two sessions, you will leave our office free from the cigarette habit and a nonsmoker for life!

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How often have you said to yourself,"Today, I'm going to start exercising, eating less, cut out junk food, and I'm going to look and feel great! I'm tired of being overweight, feeling tired and sluggish, and being dissatisfied with my appearance."

Maybe you've tried the variety of diets and prescription drugs available in the marketplace today but none of them has worked for you. The reason is that these approaches are only superficial ways of resolving the problem.

If you are concerned about your appearance, your blood pressure, your increased risk for diabetes or heart problems, Midwest Hypnosis & Guided Imagery can help. Why not get control of your weight and your total body health? You'll look better, feel better, and gain a new sense of satisfaction about yourself and your body.

Please feel free to contact me via email through this site and I will be glad to answer any of your questions.

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There isn't a day goes by that we don't experience some kind of stress. In most cases we can manage the stress load but sometimes there is just too much stress and we feel as if we are "out of control". You can learn to be in command of your life and free yourself from the stresses that have moved in and taken over. In the long run, high stress will lower your immune system defenses, increase your susceptibility to diseases, and take you away from your priorities.

Midwest Hypnosis & Guided Imagery will teach you how to be in control of your life! We will help you to set your priorities in order and to achieve your goal of a longer life full of health and enjoyment.

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Pain is subjective and varies in degree of intensity from one individual to the next. Some pain is caused by physical conditions, while other types of pain stem from psychological causes. In either case, the perception of pain is real and can take over an individual's life.

Depending on the causes of pain and its severity, hypnosis may be an effective way of managing the pain. Through the many techniques available with hypnosis, an individual can learn to control their pain without medication. If the physical and psychological conditions are justified, the pain can be completely eliminated.

You can learn to control your pain through hypnosis and get back to living the kind of life that you want and deserve. Why not learn to feel wonderful again?

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Learn how to fall asleep easily when you want to without resort to medications. With the techniques taught at Midwest Hypnosis & Guided Imagery, you can decide when and how long you want to sleep. You will awaken feeling refreshed, energized, and looking forward to the day.

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Whether you have a fear of flying, spiders or college midterm exams, Midwest Hypnosis & Guided Imagery can help! We will show you how to discover the root causes for these fears and eliminate them from your life forever. You can be free of these controlling forces and lead a healthier and happier life.

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If you have ever had an episode or experience so overwhelming that it left you powerless to act or make decisions, or if your life is full of anxiety and you'd like to be free of these feelings, contact Midwest Hypnosis & Guided Imagery. Don't let anxiety and feelings of panic control your life, drain you of energy and leave you feeling depressed. We can help you to rid yourself of these feelings and lead a longer, happier and more productive life.

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   Olympic athletes use self-hypnosis to help achieve top performance. Both the United States teams and those of other nations recognize that the power of mental rehearsal is equally as important as physical practice. Russian teams are taught mental conditioning from the outset of training.
   Hypnosis cannot "magically" turn a novice or amateur athlete into an international champion. Other factors, including natural ability, innate physical attributes, training and conditioning and even genetics are involved. However, hypnosis can be used as another tool to help an athlete to achieve his or her personal best!
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